A downloadable game for Windows

This game is part of an experiment to launch a game under 24 hours.

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Release date Apr 18, 2018
Tags2D, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


60 Fox (Windows) 20 MB


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Why did you use the sunny land unity tile set?


Cool game!

It seems like I can't install this via the itch.io client.


Simple, nice, 10/10

wont let me download :(

me neither :(


Awesome little game thank you for making it keep up the great work.

Hey there! I wanted to thank you for following my page here. I couldn't help but fall in love with 60 Fox (for more than the obvious reason lol). This game was well thought out and the music fit with the timing of the game perfectly. I would love to see additional levels or even a boss level in the future, but for being able to make this game in only a few hours with your project, this is amazing. Great job with the Gameboy style visuals! And thanks for the fun! =D


10/10! Great game! I really enjoyed the style and animations.


Sucks to comment an crash, cuz I'm sure it is fun but at least reporting this may help others play it :D

(when that appears, i have to task manager to close it, no idea what is happening, my monitor is perfect)

sorry again for posting a crash, but I had to somehow notify you


This was a fun little game to check out!  I love these super short burst games where you've got a small amount of time to achieve something :)

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Hi there!

I got some troubles with the game installation. When I  press the "Install" button, the itch app starts loading the game, but once the loading is complete, the button goes back to the "Install" state. What am I doing wrong?


Oh, you got an issue from the Itch App. Try to download it from the website or get in touch with itch support. I don't know how to help you with this problem. I'm sorry :(

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Yep, I use the client app.

Perhaps you should add .itch.toml file to your distribution :) https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/manifest.html

There are two .exe files, so (probably) the itch app is unable to choose one to start.


Was just about to post the same question. glad I decided to check comments first :)


this game is rare type where there is "time attack" but it lacking level :'(

do you still update the game??? its released but its a good game but only 1 stage

hope you enjoy it!


60 fox is fast but, fun. Sucks it seems like there is only one level when this has a lot of potential.

Great game for such a short time. A few minor issues I had with it personally was that the pure black background in the cave was kind of jarring. The camera also felt very wonky. Good work!


Great Idea my friend. The game was really fun. Although maybe you can add a menu or a UI, that will be great.


WOW, this is an amazing idea for a game. i like the instant respawn, and the fact that you have to get to know the level. All in all, nice sollid experience! 




I'm really interested in seeing how your little personal challenge works out, but wasn't sure if I could justify a whole video for each, so this is my compromise! My first three in one! Some are better than others, but for the amount of time you've put in, these are pretty impressive!

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your goal is awesome man, never look back, times may go wrong but remember you said 10, 7 more to go!


Great game! Keep up the good work!


How do you make these games in a day!?! That's insane!