This game is part of an experiment to launch a game under 24 hours.

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Apr 07, 2018
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


Rewind (Windows) 18 MB


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bruh level 2 is already impossible. is there some secret mechanic im supposed to figure out or somn


Awesome! You have talent man!

Thank you! :P


No Problem! Amazing level design, also, it just amazes me how you can make an amazing 3D game on Unity personal. Mostly, I stick to 2D due to limitations.

How many levels does this game have? Is there a walkthrough somewhere?


nice puzzle game :)



Really great concept! Definitely develop this mechanic further.


It's a really difficult game, most of the time what you are supposed to do feels more like a glitch. I mean if during rewinding you are still colliding with everything, then how the heck can you go through the other cube? Interesting idea, but the execution is lacking and it's not intuitive (which I believe the first few levels of a puzzle game should be.)


hm interesting the physics are whacky but cool concept and it works! excited to see the next (7?) games

really cool idea- just did ludum dare this weekend and I might copy you that sounds like a crazy good way to improve.


Interesting game but I'm not sure I understand it. I solved the second level by chance and the third and fifth without rewinding except to go back to the start - made me feel like I was bypassing a more difficult intended solution.

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I did not get past the second level, have any bugs? or you can switch to the third in this version.

I liked the idea of the game, its a good game.




interesting concept! i like the ability to still collide with the movable blocks even when you are Rewinding<<


I'm really interested in seeing how your little personal challenge works out, but wasn't sure if I could justify a whole video for each, so this is my compromise! My first three in one! Some are better than others, but for the amount of time you've put in, these are pretty impressive!


Hi, what's this soundtrack? If you made it, could we please have access to it? I like it quite a lot.