A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is part of an experiment to launch a game under 24 hours.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags2D, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


Rocket Jump (Windows) 16 MB
Rocket Jump (macOS) 20 MB


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I played this after cold medicine and didn't get too far. At one point I was Boxy Brown, and then I Cubebert.


Loved the gimmick behind this platformer

Nice video! thanks!

And yes, haha, I think a facecam would definitely better for games like this one (:


yay i can now rocket jump in a 2d game like in tf2


yay! \o


A little hard but really nice, good job!

Thank you! :P


Rocket jump is part shooter and, part platformer. It might just be the first of it's kind don't quote me on it. You use your rocket launcher to propel yourself on to different platforms, avoid spikes and, later shoot bad guys (which I never got around to getting that far)

Thanks for the video!


Heya! Played a bit of this on my channel, and was no good at it. :P


I love how you played by paying attention to every detail of the game! :P

Great video!


Round two! A Quadruple feature this time! Of all four, this one felt like the closest to an outright rage game, and I think since it was the last one I touched on in the video I found it even more frustrating. The art and music are great, I just think it needs a checkpoint or two! (Maybe it has them and I just never reached them)

Check out his video! o/

It amazed me how people actually play this game, since I created this thinking in a different game style, and I'm glad it worked, haha! As the gameplay is very short, I chose not to put checkpoints on it.

Thanks for the feedback!


Great Game For The Rage. Not As easy as it portrays. I raged almost the entire time good job

Awesome play! You did pretty good actually (: