A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is part of an experiment to release a new game every week.

(Start) - Join Game
(B) - Start Game

This game only supports XBOX Controllers and Keyboards.

Z - Jump
X - Hook
Down - Stomp

Left/Right - Move

Enter/Return - Join Game
C - Start Game

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This game is currently unavailable


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how can I change the controls to WASD and space to hook?

Hi there! You can just hold alt right after launching the game and you will be prompted with a setup window (:

Hi! New developer. I will do anything. If you need me, I'll be right there shortly!

Deleted post

Hey there! My friend and I had such a fun time with your game! We made a let's play video of it as well. The mechanics are really well put together and the level construction is great! I think my only critique would be to make this an endless runner or have more maps to play on, but I know you were working on a time crunch. =) Thank you for the fun!


Nice game, the only little problem is the lenght of the level, can it be longer or infinite ?