A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game is part of an experiment to launch a game under 24 hours.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Jun 01, 2018
Average sessionA few minutes
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Ricochet (Windows) 16 MB
Ricochet (macOS) 22 MB


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First off, the music is kickass! The visual style and art are a little underwhelming, but they communicate everything that they need to! I had two minor issues overall. First was that the boss kind of encouraged cheesing it, which I most definitely did, and that the ricochet itself seemed like a missed opportunity for the player to be stealthy. I talk about it quite a bit in the video.


This is really impressive for such a short dev time!  Very well done! It'd be cool to see what you would do with this idea if you continued to develop it.

 I might have spotted a bit of a bug though, if that's something you would want to fix. The large projectiles that are shot by the boss did not do any damage at all, and once you've noticed that beating it is trivial.


For some reason on a Mac there are problems with the main menu and with the mouse target speed. When you move the mouse, there is a big lag of time before the target moves too. Also, in the main menu, the buttons were not active until I had it in windowed mode. 

Maybe it was my machine, but the game seems cool nevertheless.


it's cool!


The style s very abstract, but it plays really well and has a kickass music too. Especially impressed by the enemies that don't always just rush towards you. It also has a pretty unforgiving difficulty, no room for mistakes and you have to dodge the bullets all the time.

We'd love to see this (and perhaps other games from you) in our this year's Game Development World Championship!

ONE.  AND.  ONLY-wait wrong Ricochet


Great Game !